An Empiric Analysis of Omaha System Targets

Journal: Applied Clinical Informatics
ISSN: 1869-0327
Issue: Vol. 2: Issue 3 2011
Pages: 317-330
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An Empiric Analysis of Omaha System Targets

Research Article

K. Monsen (1), G. Melton-Meaux (2, 3), J. Timm (4), B. Westra (1, 3), M. Kerr (1), N. Raman (3), O. Farri (3), C. Hart (1), K. Martin (5)

(1) University of Minnesota School of Nursing; (2) University of Minnesota Medical School; (3) University Of Minnesota Institute for Health Informatics; (4) Washington County Minnesota Department of Public Health and Environment; (5) Martin Associates


Evaluation, clinical care, data analysis, system improvement, Omaha System, clinical data management standards, methologies


Interface terminologies used in electronic health records must be re-evaluated and revised to reflect current health care practice and knowledge. To enable future revisions of the Omaha System Intervention Scheme, investigators evaluated formal semantic structure of target terms and concept duplication of problem and target terms. Using linguistic principles and qualitative analysis, five themes were found. A multidimensional formal semantic structure for the intervention target term was proposed. Concept duplication was examined for 16 problem-target matches. Clinical data enabled assessment of the validity of a proposed formal semantic structure and concept duplication. Recommendations are suggested for future development of the Omaha System Intervention Scheme.

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