The Value of Clinical Teachers for EMR Implementations and Conversions

Journal: Applied Clinical Informatics
ISSN: 1869-0327
Issue: Vol. 6: Issue 1 2015
Pages: 75-79

The Value of Clinical Teachers for EMR Implementations and Conversions

Invited Editorial

L. A. Stevens (1, 2), J. L. Pantaleoni (1, 2), C. A. Longhurst (1, 2)

(1) Department of Pediatrics, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, California; (2) Department of Clinical Informatics, Stanford Children’s Health, Palo Alto, California


Electronic Medical Record, Education, physicians, EMR


Effective physician training is an essential aspect of EMR implementation. However, it can be challenging to find instructors who can present the material in a clinically relevant manner. The authors describe a unique physician-training program, utilizing medical students as course instructors. This approach resulted in high learner satisfaction rates and provided significant cost-savings compared to alternative options.

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Original Article

Online Supplementary Material

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