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Commercial Reprints & ePrints

Commercial Reprints & ePrints are a useful promotional tool for companies which can be distributed not only at exhibitions, conferences and symposiums but can also be directly handed out directly by the salesforce. Alternativally, ePrints offer a convenient way of distributing reprints via multiple channels. With ePrints, placement on the company website, distributing via an e-mail campaign, or saved on USB memory sticks or CDs are all possible options.

Up-to-date and peer-reviewed research published on ACI (Applied Clinical Informatics) is available to purchase either as single articles or as an article compilation, both in standard print and electronic format. Reprints can be printed in full-colour or black/white, and in most cases, colour images can be converted into grayscale if full-colour printing is not desired. All reprints come delivered with a cover page containing the Journal name, Article name and authors, and the citation information.

Customization of both standard Reprints and ePrints is possible, though depending on option, may result in additional fees. Customization options include the following:

  • Printing of ID code or reprint number on reprint
  • Addition of company logo to cover
  • Addition of disclaimer text to cover or as a separate page
  • Addition of product information or supplementary information
  • Inclusion of 1 or more advertisements
  • Translation of reprints; if desired, the translation can be done by the agency of your choice and delivered to us

Other services such as shrink-wrapping, bundling, and delivery to multiple addresses are possible.

ePrints are available in either the Turn-Page or the standard PDF format. The Turn-Page is flash enabled, works on a variety of systems including the iPad, and opens immediately in a new window. This option however requires an internet connection. The PDF format on the other hand, depending on Browser settings, will be automatically downloaded. Internet access following the initial download however is not required.  

If you would like to request a quotation for Reprints or ePrints, please use the form located here. Requests for permission to produce reprints should also be made via this form.