Open Access

All Schattauer journals under the traditional subscription-based model offer the possibility to make single articles accessible to all users (not only subscribers) immediately after publication in print or online, the so-called Hybrid Open Access model.

In addition, the journal Methods of Information in Medicine, offers a second option, the so-called Tandem model: Authors of this respective journal may choose to publish in the traditional print/online branch of the journal, which is available to all Methods subscribers, or they choose to publish in the Methods Open branch of the journal, where all articles are available immediately free of charge to everyone.

Regardless of the model, all Open Access (OA) articles are free to download, print and share online, provided the terms of the Open Access license (see below) are followed.

Author`s Rights and Gold Open Access

Authors of Open Access articles are entitled to make the published version of the article (version of record, VOR) available to the public immediately after publication. It is allowed to upload  the publisher`s version to the author`s personal website or to an institutional website as well as to a repository.

Article Publication Charge, APC

The OA option is available for a one-time fee, called “Article Publication Charge“, APC. The APC is meant to cover costs for the peer-review process, copy-editing and typesetting, online production and hosting, promotion, indexing and permanent archiving of the article.

In the hybrid OA model, the APC amounts to 2,000.00 € (+ applicable VAT) or 2,400.00 USD (for USA) per article for all Schattauer journals (except Methods of Information in Medicine). Reviewers for the respective journal receive a 30% discount.

Within Methods Open, the APC is 1,650.00 € (+ applicable VAT) per article. Reviewers for the journal receive a 10% discount.

Interested authors should contact the respective journal editors immediately after receipt of the acceptance letter or mark their choice beforehand on the appropriate box during the submission process with ManuscriptCentral/ScholarOne®. They will then receive an invoice with further informations regarding payment options. The article will only be published Open Access upon receipt of the payment by Schattauer.

Review Process and Indexing

All Schattauer Open Access articles undergo the same strict peer-review as non-OA articles of the respective journal. The final decision about acceptance or rejection of a manuscript will in no way be affected by the author`s choice of using the OA option or not.

The OA articles are included in the same abstract and indexing databases as non-OA articles of the respective journal. Most OA articles are searchable in PubMed/Medline and are deposited in PubMed Central through the publisher on behalf of the author, if this is a funder`s requirement. It is the author`s responsibility to inform the publisher about this.

For journals listed in Medline, the article metadata will be reported to databases such as Medline / Pub Med, if applicable, and the article will be linked to those databases. For journals not listed in Medline, it`s the author`s responsibility to post the article in PubMed, if applicable.

Open Access Licensing and Copyright

The article will be published under the Creative Commons License CC-BY-NC-ND (Opens external link in new window This license means that anyone may freely read, download, distribute and make the article available to the public (in printed and electronic form), provided that the author and the journal as the source are acknowledged (BY=attribution), whereas no commercial use is allowed (NC=non commercial) and the work may not be altered, transformed or serve as the basis for a derivative work (ND=no derivative).

To protect the published article against misuse like plagiarism and to ensure maximum dissemination of the article itself, it is necessary that the author(s) transfer on a non-exclusive basis copyright to Schattauer. This includes (in addition to the publication under a CC-BY-NC-ND license) for the duration of the statutory term of copyright protection throughout the world the full right to use the paper (including excerpts thereof) in all forms, languages and media, whether now known or hereafter developed. 

The corresponding author will be asked to sign an additional Initiates file downloadOpen Access Copyright Transfer Agreement.

If the external funding provider has explicitly stipulated that articles be published under a different CC license (e.g. CC-BY), the article may be published with this license. In this case the author(s) should contact the editorial office of the respective journal beforehand.

Further information on the current possible Creative Commons Licenses can be found here:
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Schattauer Open Access articles fully meet the requirements of funding bodies or academic institutions.